Embedding Road Safety Education
into Curriculum

Starting Out Safety professional development training is presented by some of Australia’s leading early childhood experts.

These free training sessions are engaging and informative.

We share practical strategies to support young children’s learning about road safety, based on the latest evidence-based research.

The sessions identify how road safety education links to the EYLF, the National Quality Standard and the National Practices for Early Childhood Road Safety Education.

For FDC and services that transport children, there is also an online PD session ‘Safe Transportation of Children’ https://childroadsafety.org.au/professional-development/safe-transportation-of-children/

Below are the dates for the Road Safety Education PD “Embedding  Road Safety Education into Curriculum”. Please register early as places are limited. 

If you would like to discuss hosting a live PD session, please contact rse@elaa.org.au

Early Childhood Education and Care:

DatePresenterTimeLink to Register
11/05/2022Karen Glancy6.30pmBooked Out
23/05/2022Catharine Hydon6.30pmBooked Out
15/06/2022Catharine Hydon6.30pmBooked Out
18/07/2022Catharine Hydon6.30pmshorturl.at/elH69
2/08/2022Louise Dorrat6.30pmshorturl.at/mrE25
15/08/2022Catharine Hydon6.30pmshorturl.at/zGKXZ
6/09/2022Karen Glancy6.30pmshorturl.at/hwUW0
12/10/2022Karen Glancy6.30pmshorturl.at/egxBS
8/11/2022Louise Dorrat6.30mshorturl.at/oELY6

Family Day Care:

DatePresenterTimeLink to Register
16/05/2022Jodie Signorino7.00pmshorturl.at/zAZ47
23/06/2022Catharine Hydon7.00pmshorturl.at/ikzGY
19/07/2022Karen Glancy7.00pmshorturl.at/esuwM
17/08/2022Jodie Signorino7.00pmshorturl.at/jotxV
14/09/2022Catharine Hydon7.00pmshorturl.at/dzEK5
14/11/2022Jodie Signorino7.00pmshorturl.at/nBLQS
13/12/2022Jodie Signorino7.00pmshorturl.at/flFJU


Our road safety education professional development sessions are commencing in May.

Please register early for these online sessions as places are limited.

If you would like to discuss hosting a live PD session, please contact [email protected].

*This professional development is a pre-requisite prior to applying for the ThingleToodle education session.

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