Embedding Road Safety Education
into Curriculum

The free Starting Out Safely professional development training is presented by some of Australia’s leading early childhood experts.

We share practical strategies to support young children’s learning about road safety, based on the latest evidence-based research. The sessions identify how road safety education links to the EYLF, the National Quality Standard and the National Practices for Early Childhood Road Safety Education.

You need to complete this Professional Development as part of the eligibility to access the associated ThingleToodle education session for funded
4 year old kindergarten programs.

Early Childhood Services and Family Day Care:

Delivery DateDelivery TimeEventDelivered By:Link to Register
14 May 20246.30pm – 8.00pmRSE PD (face to face)Karen GlancyCLOSED
16 May 20246.30pm – 8.00pmRSE PDLouise DorratCLOSED
28 May 20246.30pm – 8.00pmRSE PDKaren GlancyCLOSED
26 June 20246.30pm – 8.00pmRSE PDKaren Glancyshorturl.at/vxILN
30 July 20242.30pm – 4.00pmRSE PDCatharine Hydonshorturl.at/jrM23
23 August 20246.30pm – 8.00pmRSE PDKaren Glancyshorturl.at/awNQZ
18 September 20242.30pm – 4.00pmRSE PDLouise Dorratshorturl.at/kmxOX
16 October 20246.30pm – 8.00pmRSE PDLouise Dorratshorturl.at/nqwS8
18 November 20246.30pm – 8.00pmRSE PDKaren Glancyshorturl.at/dmxIN


ThingleToodle sessions and eligibility:

If you have participated in the TAC funded Starting out Safely professional development (PD) in the last three years, and have a road safety education and safe transportation policy, you are eligible to request the associated ThingleToodle education session.

There are only 500 of these sessions available each year Statewide and as such we are not always able to accommodate the visit in the same year of your PD.  However, the PD remains with the person who completed for a period of three years.   If we do not allocate a visit in the year of your PD, you are escalated to the top of the priority list for a visit the following year. This is subject to receiving your current timetable and policy information either in term 4 or at the commencement of term 1, for the following year as timetables change most years.  This also applies in regard to where you are teaching if you change services, you will need to notify us.

We would request annually from your service the following information to be placed on our ThingleToodle priority request data base:

  • Service name
  • Service address
  • Service email for teacher
  • Service phone
  • Teacher full name who participated in the Starting out Safely professional development
  • Date of professional development

Timetable information as follows

  • Group name days and times for each funded 4-year-old funded kindergarten group.

You need to advise if this is a rotational model. If so, you are still requested to provide the information above and include the best days to cover all children. For example, if a three-group rotation, also include your best two days, if 4 groups or more rotation, then also include the best 3 days to cover all children.

If an integrated long day care please advise service hours, noting that scheduling will sometimes occur at 11.15 am and 1.15pm, so please allow for this.

Email:  rse@elaa.org.au


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ThingleToodle timetable requests now open

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