Road Safety Education policies

For early childhood services and Family Day Care

The purpose of the Road Safety Education and Safe Transport Policies is to provide evidence-based, best practice guidelines to ensure children are kept safe while travelling as pedestrians, cyclists or passengers in vehicles – and are able to participate in road safety education to help them become safe and responsible road users.

ELAA developed the Road Safety Education and Safe Transport Policies, in consultation with the Early Childhood and Family Day Care sectors. They are based on the NQF and the National Guidelines for the Safe Restraint of Children Travelling in Motor Vehicles.

These policies have been developed for early childhood services to use and adapt to suit their needs. Please use the entire policy or parts that are relevant to your service – they will help you make road safety education part of everyday program and practice.

The Safe Transport policy (Family Day Care) is a guide to support Family Day Care services to begin to implement best practice in the safe transportation of children.

Download the policies which you can adapt for your service:

“Educators appreciated the information on policies that they received at the training sessions and they are now more confident, not only in transporting children in their care, but in answering questions from families about safe transportation.”

Gurpreet Thiara

Children’s Services Development Officer, Moonee Valley City Council