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“Road safety education is most effective when it is embedded in everyday experiences in services rather than left to a ‘theme week’ once a year”

Early childhood road safety education equips young children to become safe and active participants in their communities, now and into the future.

Together with VicRoads and leading early childhood experts, ELAA has developed a set of Educator Resources to help early childhood educators embed road safety education into their early learning curriculum.

The Starting Out Safely Road Safety Educator Resources align with the current quality principles in early learning, including the Early Years Learning Framework, the National Quality Standards and the National Practices for Early Childhood Road Safety Education.

There are nine parts to this resource, including an introduction to the National Practices for Early Childhood Road Safety Education, with eight National Practices.

Educators can use these resources as a starting point to address road safety education across the early learning program.

Road Safety Educator Resources

Transition to Service

Parent Resource

Driveway Safety

Practice ideas for educators

Information to download

Child Restraints October 2016 – VicRoads

Using child restraints brochure restraints – RACV

Child restraints and airbags – RACV

Bicycle helmet tips

Head lice is not transmitted sharing hats and helmets – Research

Road safety articles

Safety messages for inclusion in school and preschool newsletters

VicRoads has a number of great resources; to order VicRoads educational resources and publications please call (03) 8391 3255

Child restraints, booster seats and seatbelt readiness
Usingrestraintschecklistthumb Using restraints checklist
RoadSafetyMat The road safety education play mat has been designed to complement the Starting Out Safely program. Gowrie Victoria has developed an educator and family resource guide, with references to the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework. Download the information sheet Play mat – Educator and family resource
ClickClackfrontcoverthumb Click Clack by Danny Katz, illustrated by Mitch Vane (2012) – $7.20
Soundsofthestreetcoverthumb That’s the Sound the Street Makes by Danny Katz, illustrated by Mitch Vane (2012) – $7.20
TTCrossingpuzzlethumb Crossing the road jigsaw puzzle – $19.00
TTMascotpuzzlethumb ThingleToodle jigsaw puzzle – $12.50


To order these VicRoads educational resources please call (03) 8391 3255